Advertising is "only" one portion of the marketing mix. Under the term advertising different advertising media can be found: billboard advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, logo design, web design, brochures, newspaper ads, direct mail, newsletters, trade show appearances, vehicle lettering, etc.
What is advertising’s ability? – At first, advertising must strike out. Then advertising has to appeal and thereby subsequently provoke an action. Depending on the advertised product, the matching advertising media (and budgets) are used.
Advertising examples of Metanoia Marketing

Publicity / Public Relations (PR)
"Do good and talk about it" is the practical, populist description of what PR is. From a professional point of view, PR is never a clearly recognizable product advertisement, but must generate interest via factual, truthful content and information and convince the recipient rationally.
Of course PR as well as advertising has the aim of either provoking interest or questioning certain attitudes or influencing the receiver’s behaviour depending on the reference group. It's about the communication between a company with the "public." The addressees are different according to each target: the press, the media, governments, environmental organizations, trade associations, etc.
The PR instruments are diverse: media conferences, press associations, expert conferences, in-house magazines. The latter is internal PR, used for example to inform the staff first-hand about the construction of a new factory or restructurings.
PR examples of Metanoia Marketing