Consulting: the role of consultants
It consists of providing customers with questions, situation analysis, reflection and structured approaches, until they become able to set their own priorities and make decisions.

Information is not knowledge
We are living in a world where a million, even billion of information is available. With an internet access everybody can get information about anything. However, the possibilities offered by the world-wide-web and „wicki“-information overwhelms a lot of people both with their time budget as well as with the mass of information. They lose the overview and can often not concentrate on the substantial contents and objects. Many times, it is the complexity and the amount of solution possibilities which hamper or impede finding a decision and therefore the ability to act. To do so, it needs experience.

Knowledge is experience
No one can learn to drive a car just by pure theory study. It must be practiced. The same is valid for marketing: the pure economics studies are usually not sufficient enough to create practical, functioning marketing concepts - and then to put them concretely into practice. This requires acting competence.

Counselling and acting competence
Since 1989, Metanoia Marketing has realised many projects, product designs as well as their manufacturing up to commercialization in over 20 countries. Our customers can benefit from these experiences on the market in various industries.
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