Graphic Design (2D)
Graphic design is supposed to convert advertising messages pictorially. A good graphic design expresses the content, meaning the character of a respective product. This can be a logo or label, the design of a book or newspaper, the packaging of a product or the graphical appearance of business documents. Ideally, the mere sight of a logo / graphic is sufficient enough to immediately recall the product related to its graphic design.
Graphic Design examples of Metanoia Marketing

Product Design (3D)
Product Design has been existing since time immemorial: anyone who has ever admired a razor from the time of the pile dwellers, perfectly designed, lying ergonomically in the hand, surely wonders why not all items are created with so much perfection and value these days.
Design follows function – i.e. design is supposed to follow the function, therefore should "make sense".

"For Metanoia Marketing applies the rule of thumb:
“Good design creates quality of life instead of mountains of waste.” Jo Junz

Therefore, ecological and social aspects are considered when we are doing our designs: longevity, renewable or recyclable raw materials, regionalism, social standards, raw materials from known and controllable sources.
Metanoia Marketing mainly has been designing furniture products:
Product Design examples by Metanoia Marketing