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Metanoia paper products
Since founding Metanoia Marketing in 1989, we consciously set first priority on recycled paper from Switzerland and Europe. In second priority stands fresh fibre paper produced in Switzerland whose pulp originates from sustainably cultivated forests.
Latter is being guaranteed by the FSC-label: http://www.fsc.org/

In the beginnings, recycled paper had a dusky grey colouring. Over the last years, manufacturing processes have been optimised that strongly that practically nature-white recycled paper can be produced: various laboratory and practical tests have shown that for most applications the quality of recycled paper is the same as that of fresh fibre paper. For certain applications like writing and exercise books, they actually show advantages: better opacity (they have less transparency) and the milder contrast of paper / written words is much more pleasant to the eye: no blinding = less tiredness, allowing a more relaxed, longer reading.
The better eco-balance of recycled paper is meanwhile undisputed and still must be promoted even more. See our press release:
AKW dank Recyling einsparen.pdf

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