Marketing Planning and Conception
This covers the corporate strategy, its target-settings and measures in order to successfully align the company with the market. The planning of marketing is a systematic decision-making process.

It is the basis for the holistic marketing conception, the pattern for the implementation of therein defined future marketing measures. Therefore it is necessary to define all the relevant factors in a company-specific proper weighting, the so-called marketing mix:

The Marketing Mix
The core factors are made up of: market, product range, pricing, product design, advertising, public relations, sales channels, customer service and environmental factors. Depending on product and market, these individual factors have to be weighted differently. Taking a luxury car as example, the design and equipment are central points here and the price may or even has to be high. For a cheap car however, the design and workmanship details are allowed to stand in the background to favour the lower price.

Marketing rayed satirically
Instead of another marketing textbook, (there are enough out of them anyways), Junz Jo, owner of Metanoia Marketing, wrote a satiric glossary about the marketing mix in 1994. With a critical view towards time and industry, the small work is supposed to demonstrate a few questionable trends of our marketing and economic system. Here you can view a sampling:
The Marketing Mixer