Project Management
IOnce a marketing plan is created, it is then all about its exact implementation. Because “project marketing” has to be done consequently: changing or even omitting planned and relevant measures can bring the project rapidly to stumble. A "rolling" plan in marketing almost always leads to rapid failure.

Project Management requires independent, entrepreneurial, creative and resilient leadership and organizational characters. The sphere of tasks and competence can be very comprehensive: agenda and milestone planning, cost controlling, project meetings, organizer and contact person internally and externally to clients, employees, customers, suppliers, banks, competitors, media, neighbours, environmental organizations, government, agencies.

Since the establishment of Metanoia Marketing in 1989, Jo Junz together with employees and partners has led many projects: Both small (about a few business days) up to a project over 5 years with an investment volume of CHF 21 million.

Metanoia Marketing takes on the project management of own and external marketing plans, as well as from some areas of the marketing mix: for example, design, customer service training, advertising, PR. In partnership with the other project participants, they are always adjusted to the holistic marketing mix.


Example eco-settlement Pünterswis (Oekosiedlung Pünterswis)