Our advantage

We do not just analyze, consulting, concepting and planing out of the box: Since 1989 we run a business ourselfs with ECO-products and know by experience how to develop, design and to market articles to ambitious customers.
We have projects for the following well-known companies accomplished:
recycling products
Furniture & Consulting
Furniture WWF Panda SA
METANOIA* Marketing: This is applied ECO marketing:

Sustainable and implementable

Do you have a product you are interested in
to better sustainability and its marketing
want to optimize? - We find
gaps and make suggestions for improvement.

Do you need assistance with the Marketing your ECO products? – We analyze the current situation and develop marketing planning, advertising concepts, public relations work, etc. as required
Metanoia: The word is Greek, source B.C. and it is made up of two words: meta & nous. Meta means „amind“ or „change“, and nous is the Greek word for „beyond“. The word means „after-mind“ and signifies a change of mind: thinking one way, but then afterwards thinking another: It is the way of holistic thinking and finally holistic behavior in one‘s onw life and must cover everything such as relation to everyone, to the environment, nature, religion, science