Promotion & public relation


Advertisement & Public Relations is for some people the same. For Metanoia Marketing, however, these are two different projects: Advertisement is «only» a segment belonging to the marketing mix. The term of advertisement includes several different advertising media such as poster advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, the design of a logo, web design, leaflets, newspaper advertising, direct mailings, newsletters, exhibitions on a trade fair, but also vehicle graphics, social media marketing (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.) What can be effected by the advertisement? – First and foremost, the advertisement must be noticed! Would this truism implemented simply; billions of advertising budgets would not be misguided. But attraction somebody attention is not everything: The ads must also appeal and should release conversions – requests and in the end orders. Depending on the market and the product, which is to be promoted, Metanoia Marketing sets on the corresponding advertising media (pursuant to the budgets, ….).
Public Outreach / Public Relations (PR)
«Do good and make it known» is a practical, down to earth description about PR. But take care: Technically seen, PR may and is never a clearly discernable product advertisement, but needs to awake interest by factual, true content and information and address the recipient rationally. Just like PR, the advertisement aims at or scrutinising the recipient depending on the settings or to influence of the behaviour. Basically, it is about the communications between a company with the «publicity». The audience is affected by the target values. The objectives for the addressees differ according to the subject: Press, media professionals, administrations, environmental protection organizations, business associations, etc. The options to apply as measures for PR are very diverse: Media conferences, press releases, in-house magazines, specialist conferences, in-house magazines. The latter is in-house PR to inform employees first-hand, e. g. about the construction of a new factory or restructuring. Metanoia Marketing develops PR concepts in cooperation with the relevant product specialists and has the texts critically examined by independent journalists before publication.


Everybody knows about a good or a bad design. But is design exactly and what does it stand for? In the following, we present a short introduction which Metanoia Marketing means by this:

Graphic Design (2D)

A good graphics design helps to Implement advertising messages visually. A good graphic design conveys the content, the character of the respective product. This could be a logo or a label, the design of a book or a newspaper, the packing of a product or the graphic appearance of the commercial documents. Ideally, a single glance of a logo respectively a graphic to remind oneself of the graphic design belong to the product or a company.

Product Design (3D)

A product design exists since time immoral: Those who took oneself a perfectly featured razor ergonomically lying in the palm belonging to the pile dweller times (!) marvelled at, might ask himself, why nowadays not all items are designed with so much perfection and utility! Design follows function, i.e., the design should follow the functionality, should «make sense». For Metanoia Marketing, the following rough-and-ready-rule applies:
«An excellent design creates quality of life instead of mountains of waste. » Josef Junz
Therefore, ecologic, and social aspects are always considered in our designs: Longevity, renewable or recyclable raw materials, regionality, social standards, raw materials from known, controllable sources. Up to now, Metanoia Marketing has mainly designed furniture products: